Grammaropolis: a fun grammar site

8 Dec

Grammaropolis is a website devoted to teaching children about the parts of speech in a fun, engaging manner.  The site features nouns, adverbs, conjunctions, etc, as different characters that interact with each other.  There are songs, quizzes, short movies, and information pages about each part of speech.  Some of the songs are quite catchy–my students request “noun town” constantly, and then I catch them singing it around the room for the next few days.

I do find that some of the songs go into too much detail for elementary students.  The conjunctions song, for example, has the classic “FANBOYS” (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) but also introduces about four more complicated types of conjunctions.  Maybe a little much for a nine year old.  Still, the graphics are very kid friendly and the animations create enthusiasm for grammar, which can be a tough sell!

Grammaropolis charges for access to anything beyond the “noun” portion of the site, but they will give you a free educator’s access to the site.

What works well: I like using the songs to introduce a grammar concept, and then I will often replay the song as a “warm-up” kind of activity for the next few days.  The movies and tunes create engagement for the students, and gives them a basic understanding of the role for each part of speech.

Next Steps: I would like to have my students write their own songs or stories after watching the Grammaropolis examples.  It would be a nice way to dive into more complex verbs, or use complex sentences with conjunctions.

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