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19 Jan

Vocabulary results from the 2011 NAEP show that, not surprisingly, stronger vocabulary is correlated with higher reading comprehension scores.  The test measured students’ knowledge of vocabulary words in multiple contexts.  For example, students might understand the word “acute” as it refers to an angle in geometry, but not as it refers to a feeling in literature (such as “he was in acute pain.”

Kaiser family media study finds kids are watching an average 7 hours 38 minutes of media a day, or more than 53 hours per week.  Children who spent more time with media had comparatively lower grades than children who spent less time, and overall Black and Hispanic children spent more time with media than white children; Black children spend nearly 6 hours with media and Hispanics just under 5½ hours, compared to roughly 3½ hours a day for White youth.  The racial disparity has increased since 2004 from a 2 hour difference to a 4 hour difference.   The amount of reading has stayed constant, at an average of 25 minutes per day.

Engrade is a free digital gradebook that allows you to access grades online from computers, tablets, or mobile phones, as well as contact parents and input quizzes and tests.

Science Friday has a great video showing an Octopus’s ability to camouflage with its environment.

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