Growth Mindset

26 Jan

Growth mindset–the idea that we don’t have a fixed intelligence, and that failure is a way of learning–is all the rage in education.  I believe 100% in the concept, even as I struggle daily with having a very fixed mindset about my own performance and intelligence.  The good news is that Carol Dweck, the guru of growth mindset, has research that suggests that a person’s belief about their own (or other’s) intelligence can shift from a fixed belief to a growth belief.

The even better news is that she, and others, have created tools to help us with the change.

Brainology , the online program that she and Eduardo Briceno founded, provides a curriculum for teachers of 5th-9th grade students.  The program teaches students about growth mindset and the idea of seeing your brain as a muscle that you can develop.

Eduardo Briceno also gave a Ted Talk on growth mindset.

JK Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Address eloquently addresses the idea that failure is often necessary for success and fulfillment.

We had a wonderful school psychologist who used to remind us of how long children struggled and failed before they learned to walk.  When we’re young, we all believe we can succeed if we try, and try again.

This crazy video also shows people not afraid of failure…I’m sure they failed frequently to be able to accomplish the physical feats they pull off!  Wouldn’t it be great if we kept that sense that we could do it, that failure was really just an opportunity to learn and get better?

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