Enjoy the Moment

6 Mar

Most of us get far more positive feedback and reinforcement than negative during the day, but somehow it’s the negative that can burrow into our brains and stay there, gleefully building a pyramid of worry and anxiety.  We get so caught up in the details (admiring the problem, I heard a colleague say yesterday) that we fail to step back and look at our situation objectively.

Students do this too, become so obsessed with one thing they want, or one thing that goes wrong, that they struggle to pull back and think, “How important is this?”  When I see children having an argument, the first thing we often discuss is, “What’s the size of this problem?” (i.e. Does it really matter if you write with the purple pen or the red pen?)  Grudgingly, they will often acceed that the problem is on the small scale rather than the master-disaster-tornado-blew-down-your-house-scale.

Wisdom comes from Spanish NBA player Ricky Rubio, consoling his teammate (who’s been having some trouble hitting his shots lately.)

I’m sure both of these guys have a lot riding on these games, but if they don’t enjoy it now, when will they?

It brings to mind the kid president video I posted earlier.  Even more amazingly, kid president (otherwise known as Robbie Novak) was born with osteogenisis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.  But instead of worrying, he prefers to dream like he’s flying.  Good advice kid president.  Good advice.

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