One of Those Days

6 Mar

Today looked like a piece of cake day, schedule-wise.  It was an early-release day combined with computers combined with 1st grade buddy time.  Somehow those easy days tend to sneak up and whack me on the head.

I’m in the midst of science fair frenzy, and groups were typing, printing, cutting, and problem solving for three hours.  Tech problems with the computer, me being the only one allowed to use the paper cutter, and 60 students trying to work in trios for a lengthy period of time…I felt dazed and confused by the end.

When I find myself explaining to students how prolonged stress increases cortisol levels, it’s time for a break.  Luckily, JT is on SNL this week, so instead of grading or lesson planing, I embarked on some some good old-fashioned comic relief.  Research tells us that deliberate practice is the key to becoming an expert.  I think it’s important every now again to indulge in some deliberate relaxation :).

And some oldies but goodies.  I hope these make you smile like they did for me!

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