Equity and Mathematics

17 May

Dan Meyer put together this talk from Uri Treisman at the NCTM conference in Denver.  Treisman puts together a series of statistics showing the US’s math performance relative to other countries, but he goes on to disaggregate the numbers by poverty level, and then by poverty level and state.   His message: poverty is important, and we don’t control poverty, but access to learning is also important, and we can influence that.  His talk is a call to math educators, and educators everywhere, to focus on what we can control.

Treisman manages to point out the incredible growth the US has made in mathematics education, and at the same time sound a call to arms to take control and do more.  Along the way he slips in stories of Boeing and the NYC police department, quips about Texas vs. California, and more.  It’s a great talk.

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