How do You Get Up in the Morning?

11 Jun

Education is a morning-person’s game.  My literacy professor in college actually used to say the reason she left teaching and got her PhD was because she couldn’t get up that early in the day.  I always feel better after waking up early and getting a good start to the day, but that initial wake up can be painful.

Google announced a product called “warmly” which purports to wake you up in a kinder way, by gradually increasing the volume of the alarm, which will be preset to a sound that motivates you (coffee brewing, news, etc.)


I love the idea of something as simple as a better alarm clock could make that early-morning moment less painful, but I’m skeptical of the reality.  I had big plans for the alarm that gently brightened the room to wake you up, until I realized that’s exactly what the sun does when I mistakenly leave my blinds open :).


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